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Swishi is a Sustainable Marketplace and Recommerce Platform for people and businesses, helping you easily explore different ways to give items a new life, thanks to our innovative matching function.

Join our Circular Economy Community & Exchange Platform

Explore how to give items a new life! There are many ways to contribute to a circular economy by using our organized directory. Let us guide you!

  • post an offer or a wanted listing and trade an item for money,
  • swap a book for a t-shirt,
  • rent a dress for an afterwork,
  • go to a second-hand shop to get an estimate,
  • bring your item to a recycling or trade-in program to get a discount,
  • donate your item to a charity,
  • visit a repair shop,
  • upcycle your furniture,
  • or attend a flea market event.

Search from a diverse network of trading options 

It’s not just about clothes or toys, we want to show you a range of trading options for different kinds of items. A trading option is any way in which you can prolong the life of a second-hand item, or trade it in exchange of value.

Match & trade to give items a second life, the way you want

We will connect and match your listing with a set of potential trading options from people and businesses. Everyone has a different sustainable lifestyle, we empower you to choose the right option for you to help reduce waste. 

Easily find second-hand shops & other options around you

Our interactive Circular Economy Map is continuously evolving, so there’s always something new to discover! We’ve mapped out circular economy businesses in Switzerland, so you can easily explore what can be found in your area and give items a new life. 

Disclaimer: All logos belong to and are protected by copyright of respective businesses and brands, they are shown for informative purposes on Swishi’s Platform.

For Individuals

Create a profile & post a listing

Find your trading options quickly

Give items a second life easily

Shop consciously & sustainably

For Businesses

Create a business profile and post a listing

Visibility: boost revenues & attract new customers

Increase store traffic & customer loyalty

Show your contribution to the circular economy

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What people say about us

Laurent Maeder

Co-Lead, Circular Economy Transition Incubator Business Lab

Swishi is more than a second-hand sales platform, it’s a multi-sector exchange platform, which is very clear graphically and provides information of trading options, helping change consumer mindsets. A circular economy vision like this, which provides multi-directional choice about how to easily give items a second life, does not exist today.

New dynamics, connections, synergies

A circular world doesn't exist yet, we're here to help create it.
We want to strive for a world without waste, where items and resources keep circulating to live a long life, and where nature has time to recover. Whether it's a consumer becoming the new supplier, or a business reaching out to another business in Switzerland, new kinds of connections are made possible on Swishi's circular ecosystem.

Join the circular economy movement!