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Our vision

We want to strive for a circular world without waste, where items and resources keep circulating to live a long life, and where nature has time to recover.

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Our mission

We want to inspire and empower everyone to adopt a sustainable lifestyle and fight waste together. Swishi connects individuals and businesses through a matching function, making it easy to explore different ways to give items a new life and transition to a circular economy.

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Our why

Did you know “The Swiss are the third most wasteful people in Europe” and as a consequence “If everyone lived like the Swiss we would need the natural resources of 3 planets”? Swishi exists to inform people about alternatives to “new” consumption, to shift mindsets towards throwing less away and to make conscious consumption easy. Together, we can reduce waste and slow down the extraction of our Earth’s resources.  

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Swishi Team

We are passionate about contributing to a more sustainable world.
Together we have combined expertise in service design, marketing, sustainability, finance, business administration and technology. 


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Swishi’s Story

The idea of Swishi was born as I decluttered my home after moving back to Switzerland from London in August 2019. Together with my family, we ended up selling over 70 items in the space of 3 months on online second-hand marketplaces. With a sustainability mindset, the aim was to give the items a second life, while earning a bit of pocket money for our efforts as a bonus. At the same time, I started discovering articles and ads about new recycling reward programs and take-back schemes from businesses. I realised there were many more ways to declutter sustainably, but researching these options was extremely time-consuming. I saw an opportunity to help others think more than twice before throwing something away, by easily allowing you to explore all your Swiss local sustainable trading options from both people and businesses on Swishi. 

Happy sustainable shopping/decluttering everyone!

– Julia Rajnak, Founder


Swishi: a WIN-WIN-WIN solution!

Swishi is the first Sustainable Exchange & Recommerce Platform in Switzerland. Recommerce is about exchanging a second-hand product with businesses or individuals willing to reuse, recycle, repair or resell it. Recommerce is also known as resale or reverse commerce.

As an individual, on Swishi you can find a second-hand treasure at a low price, get rewarded with a discount for trading in your phone, get money from a local second-hand shop for selling your furniture, swap your book for a Pokémon card, repair or upcycle your favourite shoes, rent a new cocktail dress for your next afterwork – you choose what option works best for you and your lifestyle!

As a business, show your storefront digitally, connect and engage with sustainable customers and promote your contribution to the circular economy on Swishi. Why not have a B2B conversation and join forces with another business? You might need that handbag from a shop in Zürich, for your loyal customer in Geneva. With Swishi new kinds of interactions are made possible!

Together, it feels good to find the right home for items and give them a new life and purpose! Our diverse and inclusive organized directory informs you about your different trading options, to transition to a more sustainable world and do good for the planet.

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  • Post different types of listings
  • Match with sustainable trading options quickly
  • Trade the way you want, and prevent items from going to waste

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