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Not all interests spring from childhood. Some you get introduced to by others, and some come to grow on the path of life and in function of needs.

Interior decoration was something appreciated by my eyes, but not much of a hobby. During my studies, I furnished my little 30m2 studio, which was for limited amount of time and the flat had to be two things: cozy and functional – thank you IKEA. However, once you decide to settle in long term, the Feng Shui and design level was taken a notch much higher. Luckily, a tsunami of inspiration can be found online on Instagram, Pinterest… you name it.

The story of the perfect scarf. On the page of a Swedish singer/blogger, who I’ve been following for years @emiliadeporet, I came across a photo of her living room wall with 8 beautiful scarves. What a genius idea. For my limited studio I could start with one, for my one empty wall.

Emilia de Poret’s Hermès Scarves in Frames

The search for just the right motif and color scheme began. Every place I travelled and online, my active hunt for the perfect scarf began.

While I was picky, I finally found my scarf crush, something that looked like a piece of art, and that you could not get tired of watching as each time you look closer, you discover a new element.

Hermès – Le Grand Prix du Faubourg, by Ugo Gattoni (Gris, Bleu, Anthracite)

Fast forward 2 years, and it’s time to add an addition as I move out of the studio to a little bigger place. Good to know: Hermès scarf designs are created in limited numbers for a limited time period, leading to an increase in price for certain designs. Its quite soothing to consider the buy as an investment! Eager to find the same motif, and in a particular colour – I started googling my way forward. On eBay I found scarves in Japan, and in the US, over double the original price + shipping. Sigh. To my big luck, I found exactly the item that I was looking for on a second-hand online shop and the scarf even had the original packaging and label on it. Some of our friends mentioned this wasn’t truly a second-hand item due to its excellent condition. However, if it weren’t for such re-sellers – I’d never find just what I was looking for.

My appartment with a framed Second-hand Hermès Scarf – Le Grand Prix du Faubourg in the color Bleu Azur, Bleu Jean, Blanc to the right.

For my future scarf addition, I hope Swishi will find a match for me. With “Wanted” type of listings – users are able to upload what they are currently hunting for and hopefully another user is in possession of it – Swishi takes care of the matching. This would definitely have accelerated and optimised my last search!

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