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On the 27th of February it’s the official Pokémon Day – we’re celebrating 25 years of Pokémon! What does this have to do with Swishi?

A source of inspiration
I grew up as a Pokémon fan playing video games where you could trade your Pokémon. Supply and demand were connected in a fun way, thanks to an Online Trading System. As you can see in the image below, you could select who you wished to trade with and for what. You could also tell the world what Pokémon you wanted.

Pokémon X & Y Global Trade Station, Source: IGN

I thought if we can trade a variety of Pokémon, surely we can do it for a diversity of items as well! I saw an opportunity to match users with their available options. With Swishi, you can be informed and even delighted when you discover new exciting possibilities to give your items a new life, or swap items of similar value.

A motivation to learn new skills
My Pokémon Story started in pre-school, where I became fascinated by the older kids playing with these cool creatures outdoors. I began to study the graphics of the cards as works of art, collect the colourful figures, follow the TV show, and play the video games completely immersed by the upbeat sounds and cool animations. Pokémon was my first introduction to graphic design. What tool did I use to draw? Microsoft Paint. Yes, you read that right! Check out some of my “Paint” art below:

Pokémon drawn in Microsoft Paint, pixel by pixel. I got commissions because fans on forums loved that I used the outdated “Paint” instead of the more mainstream Photoshop.

Thanks to Pokémon, I quickly learned English and strategized what Pokémon types (water, fire, grass, etc.) were required to win a battle – you had to be the very best, and catch ‘em all. All this effort was rewarded through levelling up in the game and discovering new diverse creatures and places in the adventure. Did you know those who played Pokémon have a special brain region activated by Pokémon characters? It was discovered in a study by Stanford researchers in 2019. Pokémon has helped us create Swishi – by understanding complex systems, solving strategic problems, and building a gamified experience that is rewarding. We want to encourage everyone to change our behaviour for the better, by showing ways to give items a new life.

What is the meaning of value?
One of my favourite memories was on Christmas eve seeing a huge cardboard box and opening it to see all the figures inside. Today, we can look at the image below and think “What a consumeristic gift!”, but it has ended up being a valuable long-term investment – not only in happy memories and acquired skills, but also in terms of monetary value.

A cardboard box with over 150 original Pokémon Tomy Figures.

Our personal values guide our actions; my family was a zero-waste family before it was cool. Many tend to throw away the original packaging of their items, but in fact the packaging of the video games and limited edition consoles has increased in monetary value. Today people are willing to pay $100 dollars just for the box art, minus the actual video game!

The original packaging of the Pokémon video games and consoles.

Take a look at our Instagram stories below. Two figures originally bought for $7.90 are now worth $569 – that’s an increase of 7102%! Perhaps it’s because of the timing of the Pokémon Day coming up, or the sentimental value of older Pokémon fans with nostalgia and more buying power, or the newer younger Pokémon fans seeking vintage Pokémon in excellent condition for their own collections. A great way to understand the value of your items is to study what it’s sold for online. On Swishi you can learn about your options quickly and find a new owner for your items. Whether you want to sell it quickly to a a cash converter, or to another person online, or at a flea market – the choice is yours!

My Pokémon memories are invaluable and priceless. I’ve cherished these items for many years, but now instead of letting them lay around in a dark storage room, these collectibles deserve a new home. I want to pass on the fun that I had to others, who will enjoy playing and learning as much as I did. You can soon buy these figures, some video games in their original packaging and first edition cards on Swishi and give them a second life. All money earned will allow us to keep improving Swishi and accelerate the movement to a circular economy.

Join Swishi now, our membership is free for a limited time period. Don’t miss it and enjoy exploring the possibilities!

My Pokémon Collection. Celebrating 25 years of Pokémon! #Pokemon25 #PokemonDay

Photos ©Swishi / Julia Rajnak

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