Your Swishi Starter Guide

We’ve created a visual guide to help you get started on Swishi.
Let’s accelerate the movement to a circular economy together!

1. Register

  1. Register by filling in all mandatory fields.
    If you’re a Business, tick the box stating “I’m registering a business account”.
    If you’re an Individual, please leave it blank.

  2. From the “My Account” Page, click the link shown below to view your pricing and Listing Package choices.

  3. Select the package of your preference

  4. Proceed to choose the payment method you prefer.
  5. Congrats you’ve registered an account!

Welcome to Swishi! Now you have access to our community and many exciting features on our platform.

2. Post a listing

Click the blue “Post a listing” button in the menu.

Choose a Listing Type

Choose your Category, then Sub Category

If you’re a business, and you wish to post a listing about your business, you must pick the Sub Category called “Businesses” to be able to access “Multi Category Matching” later (see below). If you’re a business and you want to post a listing for an item, there is no need to pick the Sub Category “Businesses”.

Next, please fill out all the fields (condition, images, etc.). The matching will be at it’s best if you’re as detailed as possible in your description of the listing (brands, model name, etc.).

Businesses will have access to “Multi Category Matching”, where one listing can match with many kinds of items.

If you want to insert a clickable link for your shop’s website for example, please click the link button, then the blue arrow button to apply it as seen below.

If you ship your items to/from Switzerland or if you’re a business with many shops across Switzerland, please select “Switzerland” as your Location. If you’re an Individual, please note that if you fill in your address it will be seen publicly, we recommend that only businesses should reveal their address for their listings publicly.

Your listing will be published publicly on Swishi within 24 hours. You will receive an email confirming when it has been published. Thank you for your patience.

3. Search Listings

On this page you can search and explore listings on Swishi in different ways:

By Keywords 
Fill in the blank search box at the top with a keyword

By Type

  • Filter Items:
    “Offer”, “Wanted”, “Swap”, “For Rent” 
  • Filter businesses:
    “Second-hand Shops”, “Recycling & Take-back Programmes”, “Rental Shops”, “Donations & Charity Shops”, “Upcyclers & Creations”, “Repair Shops”, or “Events”.

By Category
Choose a category and you can filter further by adding a location and a price

By Location
Explore listings in different Swiss Cantons, or select “Switzerland” for Swiss-Wide or Online possibilities.

By Price
Choose your desired Price Range and then click “Apply Filters”.

4. Your Matches & Trading Options

Here you can explore all your potential matches for all the listings you have posted. Each circle represents a trading option, in other words: a potential match.

On your Desktop, hold and click the mouse to move along the circles horizontally to visualize each option. You can filter by the Type of trading options you would like to see and the action you want to do. In this case, you may resell your phone to a second-hand shop, trade-in to get CHF credit, donate it, etc.

If you click on the square image of the option – you will be redirected to a page with more detailed information about this listing.

On your mobile, click on “My Matches” and scroll down until you see your listings, click on your listing that you want to see your matches for, then swipe to explore the different trading options for that listing.

Important Note: 
When you see “Trading Options Information” with a Swishi logo at the bottom of the square, this means the business is not yet onboarded on Swishi. Therefore, you will not be able to chat with them directly on our platform, but please do reach out to them outside of Swishi if you want to get in touch with them.  

Once companies have verified their profiles on Swishi, it means they are active on the platform and running their profile and listings themselves. You will be able to directly chat to them. In this case, the name of the business will be written along with a profile photo of their business logo.

5. Swaps – a unique way to trade

If you choose a “SWAP” Listing Type when posting your ad, you will only be matched with “SWAP” listings of a similar CHF value range.

Unlike other kinds of trades, for “SWAP” listings you can filter the kinds of categories you want to view.

6. Chatting & Agreeing to a Trade

It’s simple, click the “Start Chat” button and agree to trade items in the way you both prefer!

All chats can be found by clicking the chat icon in the main menu or from your profile.

7. Price Offers

If you see an item you’re in love with, you can send the user a Price Offer.

If you realize you sent a Price Offer that was too high, don’t worry, you can revoke it, and update it.

The user will be notified about your Price Offer and can accept it or reject it. Please note that each time you update/revoke/submit a Price Offer the user will be notified about this in their chat – please do not spam and please do respect each other on Swishi.

You can keep track of all Price Offers which you’ve sent to users in your “My Matches” page.

8. Deleting a Listing after selling an item

After selling an item, please delete your listing as soon as possible. Currently in our Beta version, you can only delete listings on the English version. Please switch to the English version of Swishi to delete your listing here:

9. Rating a user

On Swishi you might have noticed you can receive ratings which can be seen on your profile here:

You can leave a rating for a user by going to a listing and scrolling down until you see this:

10. Reporting a user

If someone ghosted you after agreeing to meet up, or posted an inappropriate listing, don’t panic, let us know by reporting them and clicking on this button:

11. Add listings to your Favourites 

You can add listings to your favourites by clicking this button on a detailed Listing Page.

You can find your favourites to check back later in your Profile here:

12. Editing your Profile “Store”

On Swishi your “Store” is like your profile, showcasing your listings.

You can edit your profile photo, your cover photo and description by visiting your account page and editing here:

You can visit a person’s or a business “Store” by clicking here:

Thank you for signing up with us!
We hope you enjoy exploring Swishi and its many possibilities.

One last note: we recommend you to use Google Chrome as your browser for a smoother experience.

Please let us know if you think we missed something. If you have any questions you might be able to find them in our FAQ here, if not please contact us at

Disclaimer: All logos belong to and are protected by copyright of respective businesses and brands, they are shown for informative purposes on Swishi’s Platform.