Swishi for Businesses

Swishi’s Recommerce Platform is about exchanging a second-hand product with businesses or people willing to reuse, recycle, repair or resell it. Recommerce is also known as resale or reverse commerce and helps extend the life of items.

Show your contribution to the Circular Economy

When you join Swishi you can show your storefront digitally on your Profile “Store”.

We also showcase your circular economy services on our Map; whether you’re a Second-Hand shop, Rental Shop, Upcycler, Repair Shop, Recycling/Take-Back program or run an Event.

Let people know about your services

Post Business Listings about what you do and the type of items you want to match with. Maybe you’re both a Second-hand Shop and a Rental Shop? Show your range of circular services for your customers.

We recommend adding key words in the description of your listing, like the brands you sell or accept.

Match and engage with potential clients

Swishi helps increase your visibility, match with items from new sustainable customers, as well as increase your revenues and customer loyalty.

Customer can choose the business they wish to contact and interact with. You can reach out to them as well! Show off your cool business on Swishi!

You can post Item Listings too!

You can also post Item listings: OFFER, WANTED, SWAP or FOR RENT.

An OFFER listing, would mean you put an item from your store up for sale on Swishi.

For each item listing you can put a link leading back to your own website. We don’t take any commission!

Explore new connections and collaborate

New kinds of connections are possible on Swishi’s Circular Ecosystem. Why not have a B2B conversation and join forces with another business? You might need a handbag from a shop in Zürich, for your loyal customer in Geneva.

Customers are also becoming the new suppliers creating new interesting dynamics. We let you see the big picture to network and collaborate for a more circular economy. Keep items circulating whether it’s B2C, B2B, C2B or B2B2C!

Disclaimer: All logos belong to and are protected by copyright of respective businesses and brands, they are shown for informative purposes on Swishi’s Platform.

Join our Circular Economy Community

A circular world doesn’t exist yet, we’re here to help create it. 

Swishi brings together people and businesses to consume differently and fight against waste. We raise awareness about possibilities so items can keep circulating to live a longer life, and give nature time to recover. 

Partner with us

We're open to create synergies and collaborate to transition more quickly to a circular economy.