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Shopping vintage can mean searching for the all-time classics – like a Burberry trench coat or designer furniture at a fraction of the price. Yet, it can also be about finding an unbranded treasure for a couple of bucks. Second hand is a sustainable treasure chest, mixing history with novelty, making it a winning concept. The mix of old and new is usually what creates a personal style, which at the end of the day is charming as it has story and can even be charged with emotions. You can sustainably renew your wardrobe or home – Swishi helps guide you with a set of possibilities of how you can do that.

When throwing something away seems like the easy option, Swishi is here to rescue you and your item to give it a new life! We do the searching and the matching for your item, so you can focus on what is the right option for you! Almost anything you list on Swishi will match with several solutions that you can choose from. Regardless of your choice, it sure is more sustainable than something going to waste.

The platform is built for both individuals and businesses. Let us give you a few scenarios and remember the platform covers a diverse set of categories. 

For Individuals

Unwanted gifts

For his birthday, your son received a set of Legos that he already has. We know it’s a hassle to search for the different ways you can find it a new home. Once it’s up on Swishi you might get cash offers, a second hand shop might be interested, or you can simply choose to donate it to one of the proposed charities.

Inherited jewelry

After the passing of your grandmother, you have inherited a box of jewelry. Since it doesn’t suit your personal style, you question if you’ll ever wear it. By listing it on Swishi, you’ll find that perhaps an upcycler is willing to redesign it for you! You can also browse alternative ways to sell it off – such as one of the local gold buyers who can melt it down and give you money in return. 

My dear old sneakers

This pair knows your feet better than anyone, and you are very fond of them. The sole is opening up and it’s been stained from this summer’s festival. The good news is that you can extend its life at a repair shop. Some shops can even customize and pimp them! As good as new.

In the mood for a change? Rent!

You’re in the mood to make a bold move and wear something that is not so “you”. Rental makes it easy to try a new style cocktail dress for the next pool party. For those working on a short-term contract in another city – the sustainable alternative to buying new furniture is renting a set of furniture during your stay.

What to do with your old phones?

Does quick pocket cash make you and your wallet smile? Instead of keeping your old phones that are collecting dust, Swishi will provide you with buy back, trade-in and recycle programs for electronics. 

Swishi matches your phone listing with a few trading options, so you can decide how YOU want to give it a second life.

Moving day

How relieving is decluttering for your mind and for your new minimalist home? The moving truck is coming scheduled next month, but some old furniture from your student days need to go. Swishi allows you to declutter ahead of your move and will show you a palette of options: sale, swaps, recycling, donation, or an upcycler who absolutely wants it to create their latest piece. 

Swap items – without any money

Are you a student on a limited budget? Don’t worry! Swap your old university books, clothes, furniture, household items and more with your peers in exchange for something else. It’s fun!

Swap anything from Pokémon cards to perfumes. The possibilities are endless!


Did you know some brands will award you with discounts for bringing empty perfume bottles back for recycling? Check it out on Swishi.

Plans for the weekend? The post Covid era

Browse all upcoming events on Swishi in your area: pop-ups, auctions, garage sales, flea markets…

For Businesses

Display your storefront digitally

Swishi has pre-created listings for lots of business to get the circular movement started. As a business, you can come and claim your own listing and be fully in charge of your own profile and activities. This give you the opportunity to demonstrate your sustainability efforts, new campaigns, feature a selection of your items, or chat to customers and other businesses in fruitful exchanges.

A few of the beautiful storefronts of local businesses we had a chance to visit this year.


During the winter season, you know Cashmere sweaters always sell out quickly in your shop. Thus, you can post a wanted listing of “Cashmere sweaters” and draw customers and attention to respond, and invite them to sell their sweaters to you.

Business-2-Business interactions

As a business owner, you know that a second hand shop in Zürich has that special bag which your loyal customer has been looking for this year. With Swishi, you could negotiate to get hold of it for your customer in Geneva.

With us you won’t miss the newly opened second-hand shops near you or the latest big brands take-back programmes. We want to show you that second hand is cool and exciting!

Swishi assists you in adopting a sustainable lifestyle, helping contribute to the circular economy and moreover getting rewarded for it. Join the circularity movement today and use Swishi’s platform to trade and contribute to society wide benefits. When contributing to circularity, every single little impact counts. Create your Swishi profile today, and invite your best friend or favourite local second hand shop to join too. Happy trading!

Right now, Swishi is focusing on trading options in Switzerland. However, don’t forget to follow us on our social media pages, where we give you the latest news of big brands introducing circular economy initiatives worldwide too! Anything from second-hand possibilities by COS, Levis, Tommy Hilfiger, Balzac and Aigle – to upcycling by Miu Miu and Napapijri – a recycling programme from Sony for your Playstation, and the official donation program for Lego bricks.

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