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On Swishi you will find a range of ways to give items a new life; agree to resell your item to a person in town, or head to a local second-hand shop, or rent your item through an online rental shop, etc. Each business has their own sets of rules around what items they accept, and around how you should hand them over or send them. Although Swishi cannot take responsibility if something goes wrong in a trade, we want to help you with some tips to help your transactions go as smoothly as possible. Below, we’ve compiled a list of the ways you can make your trade happen.

How do I organize a meetup on Swishi?
It’s not a date until you’ve got a time and a place! Hopefully you’ve confirmed to meet up through our chat function, and you can exchange phone numbers just in case. To remind the person, you can re-confirm the meeting an hour before, simply by repeating what was decided: “See you at 12:15 at the Rive roundabout in front of Starbucks today”. It can help to mention how you are dressed: “I’m in a jeans jacket with white sneakers and a red bag”, so that you are easier to spot. We recommend that you meet during daytime, or right after work, in a known public place.

How would I feel if I was ghosted?
Ghosting is not cool. Please communicate respectfully with members on the platform. Everyone deserves a reply even if it’s a negative one. Be honest, if you have to cancel or reschedule do so, if you’re late say so, if someone was quicker to buy your item, simply tell the second person it has unfortunately already been sold. If someone ghosted you after agreeing to meet up, or posted an inappropriate or fraudulent listing, you can let us know by reporting them to us.

Have you tried “My Post 24“? A way to send and receive items flexibly 24/7 in Switzerland.
Source: Swiss Post

How do I send and ship my items with care?
First, make sure you package and address the parcel correctly; this visual guide by Swiss Post is very helpful. To be sustainable, it’s also a good idea to save and reuse carton boxes or stuffed envelopes that you’ve received previously by post, as they will come in handy when sending away your next item from Swishi.

It’s important to clarify and agree on shipping details. Perhaps a buyer requests and is willing to pay for certain extra services (track & trace, insurance for valuable goods, bulky goods, damage or loss, etc.). Remember to keep the post receipt as evidence for the costs. The estimated price, taking into account the weight/size/type of parcel and added options can be easily calculated here on the Swiss Post’s website. There are also different types of delivery: Economy (Delivery in 2 working days), Priority (Delivery the next working day), and Express (Delivery the next morning). You can learn more about delivery options here. Please contact your local post office for further information. 

Did you know that Swiss Post also has a “pro clima Shipment” option? This is a way to fully offset carbon emissions for items sent by post for a small cost, so you don’t have to feel guilty about the negative impacts of shipping. Swiss Post state on their website that they’re “striving to achieve climate neutrality in delivery by 2030 – such as by using electric vehicles. The unavoidable carbon emissions that arise when sending items will be offset.” You can learn more about it here.

Do you want to trade with cash or using digital payment like TWINT?

How can I trust someone and complete a payment?
If you’re trading directly with a person, some prefer cash, others want to receive and send money via TWINT, while others want a direct bank transfer. Unfortunately some people have bad intentions, so use your best judgment; if something feels suspicious or doesn’t feel right, kindly decline to trade with them. When trading with strangers, it requires the trust that they will pay, and that an item you receive matches its description. The good thing about Swishi is that if you don’t want to take the risk of shipping an item to a stranger, you can decide to transact with a trusted business instead. Some businesses only accept cash, while others accept credit cards. Certain shops will take their own defined rate of commission, with some taking 10%, and others taking 50%. The choice of trade is yours, so do what feels right for you and your item!

How do I trade safely during COVID-19 times?
With a safety-first approach, COVID-19 has accelerated Retail Innovation. Retailers are exploring new ways for customers to shop during the COVID era, it’s becoming more about digital and contactless engagement. When strolling down the streets of Geneva, some shops have posters inviting a restricted number of shoppers in, while others now offer to give virtual tours. This means you can explore the shop via live video, reserve the items you desire and then come visit to pick an item up. Several stores also offer a “click-and-collect” service, allowing you to shop online and pick it all up at a given time slot. Most importantly during COVID-19 times, you know the drill: protect yourselves with masks, disinfect your hands regularly, etc. If you’re selling an item and can disinfect it without damaging it, it might be a good idea to do so. If you’re buying an item, you should take the extra precautions necessary to protect yourself from infection. You can find the latest Swiss Health Guidelines here.

These are a just few tips to keep in mind when trading on Swishi. This blog post will act as a trading guide which will evolve over time. Do you want to add something? Comment here below or contact us and let us know. Happy trading everyone!

Images: Freepik, Cookie_Studio, Swiss Post

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